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We not only live and breathe marketing. We also produce bold marketing ideas, implement strategic digital performance sales processes, and train Marketing Professionals and Enterprise Marketing Teams to optimize their digital acquisition channels for maximum returns on their marketing investments. Marketing is our obsession - and you can find our most important principles in our logo. Watch the quick video to understand it.

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The only MBA that counts
is the one that adds money to your Bank Account.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help marketing teams and marketing professionals achieve extraordinary results in their work. We do this by equipping them with the best tools, knowledge and resources to effectively leverage their ideas and create lasting change in their marketplace. Thus, we have developed immersive Digital Marketing Training to increase any company’s market penetration, brand awareness and bottom line. We train not to be wowed and amazed with “nice to look at” vanity metrics, numbers and impressions, but to achieve what really matters: Results and Money in the Bank Account.

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Strategic training

Accelerated revenue growth

Marketing Mastery

Best tools, knowledge and resources

Marketing Concepts

Lasting change through campaigns


Our vision


We train the best marketers based on real world, not academic experience.

Umfassende Kontinuierliche Beratung

Marketers we’ve trained are creating change through their global campaigns.

Training für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen

We equip marketers and marketing teams with the right skills, knowledge and resources.

Intensives internes Teamtraining

We are an international leader, trusted and recognized as the primary source for standardized digital marketing training.

Interne Teamschulung & kontinuierliche Unterstützung

We help individuals determine their position and purpose within an organization.


We help marketers and marketing teams develop a five to ten year vision, plan and strategy to stay relevant and competitive.


We use world class tools and applications to deliver the best digital training in the most efficient and optimized way possible.


We help organisations define the objective: “Why does our organization exist?”


We help marketers and marketing teams define their scope: “What should or shouldn’t we do to achieve our objective?”


Our Values


Create the environment where "good enough" is not the goal, but the minimum acceptable standard!

Vollkommene Integrität
Absolute Integrity
Radikale Ehrlichkeit
Radical Honesty
Hohe Kompetenz
Strong Competence
Raoul Plickat

Our Story

Raoul Plickat

Raoul Plickat is the founder of Marketing.MBA.

In 3 words:
Ambitious. Analytical. Creative.



Generated More Than A Million Euros in Revenue with a Product Launch in 24 Hours


Sold 10,000+ Live Event Tickets in 49 Hours for Europe’s #1 Sales Trainer

Guinness Record

Broke the Guiness World Record for “Largest Sales Lesson Worldwide”


Awarded a Prestigious “TWO COMMA X” Award by Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels


2023 Marketer of the Year Award from Entrepreneur University at the Founder Summit


2022 Marketer of the Year Award from Entrepreneur University at the Founder Summit

Face of Marketing

Nicknamed “The Face of Marketing”

Top Marketers

Nominated as One of the Top 17 Digital Marketers Worldwide


Raoul Plickat Begins His Journey Towards Marketing Mastery

Raoul started designing, importing, and selling gym clothing through an online store back in 2012.

Raoul Plickat Undergoes A Devastating Failure

Raoul had a very costly failure with one of northern Germany’s top advertising agencies (mainly because of their lack of digital marketing experience). However, this failure was a blessing in disguise because it caused him to relentlessly dedicate all of his time to studying marketing.

Raoul Plickat Unexpectedly Finds His Passion

Shortly after his failure incident, he found his passion in creating change using his prior experience in conversion, optimization and digital advertising. He used his experience to help other brands increase their sales and visibility.

Raoul Plickat Founded The MBA.Group

After Raoul founded the MBA.Group, he began advertising with Facebook Ads just 2 months after Facebook had released their mobile Ads platform.

Raoul Plickat’s Name Spreads Like Wildfire

His results were outstanding and unlike anything others were able to achieve. Because of this, word of his results quickly spread like wildfire through the personal brand industry. And, within 3 short years, Raoul had worked with many of the most famous influencer brands; enabling him to build one of Germany’s fastest-growing online marketing agencies. Which he later sold in 2017 to one of Germany’s top publishers.

Raoul Plickat’s Reputation Opens Up Endless Doors For Him

Raoul’s reputation caused him to get endless requests for help not only executing campaigns for clients; but from other marketers and marketing companies asking to train them and their teams to generate results like him.

Raoul Plickat Founded Marketing.MBA

Unable to take on all of the requests by himself, Raoul founded Marketing. MBA, a “real world” training program for Marketers and Marketing Teams. It combines branding, traditional marketing and digital advertising concepts to prepare today’s marketers for the fast-changing technological world. It also equips them with the right tools and strategies to produce a real impact, results, and lasting change for them and their clients.


Raoul was one of the first to combine branding video campaigns with direct marketing tactics in his paid social media campaigns, a move that heavily influenced the way in which other marketers approached their strategies from that point on.

Raoul explains: “In digital marketing, the only thing that counts is your performance. And in order to play at the top and bring consistently real results, your top priority is to be absolutely resourceful as a marketer”.

This mentality and approach is appreciated by his partners and clients and is clearly demonstrated in Raoul’s numerous and impressive success stories.

Social responsibility

Social commitment and environmental responsibility are matters close to Raouls’ heart.

In addition to numerous fundraising campaigns for charitable purposes, he helped “BIKING BORDERS” achieve their fundraising goal in February 2019 by donating the final 23% of their target 50,000.00€.This enabled them to complete their campaign two months early and set a new goal of 100,000.00€ (which was achieved two months later). As a result of their efforts, “BIKING BORDERS” built not one but two schools in Guatemala.

Meet The Team

Where we’re located, and how to contact us

Büro Dubai

Marketing MBA, Büro 1906 Jumeirah Business Center 3, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate.

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