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What we learned from generating 52,723 B2B leads and €28.7 Million in Revenue in 2022

6 Key Learnings
A detailed overview and implementation strategy of 6 key concepts that helped us acquire 52,723 B2B leads, boost the lead quality and generate €28.7 Million in yearly gross revenue.
Case Study
What we did to increase yearly gross revenue by 34.7% (from €21,3M to €28,7M) for a well-known sales trainer.
The Current State of Lead Generation
6 key stats that may surprise you!
Actionable Insights
Execution steps you can take today to improve your lead generation performance, and start driving more sales and revenue.
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“We discovered how to acquire more leads and increase revenue consistently.”
Sophie Horvath
Co-Founder, LadyLight
“We discovered how to qcquire more clients and increase revenue consistently.”
Sophie Horvath
Co-Founder, LadyLight
Experience Acquired From Growing Multiple 7 & 8-FIgure Companies
Who Is This White Paper For?
This white paper aims to aid organizations that already have an established lead-generation process and are looking for strategies to improve the quality of their leads to increase sales and revenue.

We have put together six concepts tested through over a 45-million euro budget and tailored specifically for those who generate at least €100K monthly or more.
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Important Information About the White Paper
Is the white paper a PDF?
Yes. You can download the lead generation lessons and insights report as a PDF file for free.
Does the white paper help me?
The report contains all the steps to improve your lead generation performance, including implementation steps for you to follow.
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