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Case study photo of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.

Dirk Kreuter 2021

  • Increased revenue from 10M EUR to 21,3M EUR
  • Increased net income from digital products by 50%
  • Increased customer lifetime value by 409,08%
  • Generated highly qualified leads

January 1, 2021

Results Achieved

  • We created and executed effective marketing strategies aligned with our goals and objectives. Following outlined actionable steps, we helped Dirk Kreuter increase gross yearly revenue by 113% from 2020 to 2021. As a result, annual gross turnover increased from 10M EUR (2020) to 21,3M EUR (2021) in just 12 months.
Screenshot of annual revenue growth of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
The graph demonstrates a GAR of 17,947,279,33 EUR achieved during the year 2021. In addition, we won several contracts for 3,397,303.67 EUR with the installment payment plan, resulting in a total contract volume of 21,344,583.00 EUR

In 2021, we focused on the following tactics to achieve our goals:

- Created and managed high-converting landing pages and lead magnets to present the products

- Engaged customers and drove sales through content marketing (social media channels, lead generation reports, flash sales, products, and product pages, webinars, and copy)

- Broke sales records and generated highly-qualified leads with pay-per-click advertising (Facebook, Google, Youtube)

- Targeted, retargeted, and reached customers through email marketing

  • We increased the net income generated with online product sales by 57,28% in 2021 (11,254,034,60 EUR) compared to 2020 (7,155,520.43 EUR). We achieved this by converting new customers, retargeting existing clients, and implementing cross-selling and upselling techniques.
Screenshot of net income growth for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
The screenshot shows net income growth of 57,28% for the year 2021
  • We built powerful marketing funnels and ran highly-effective lead generation campaigns, resulting in 5679 leads acquired in 2021. One of the optimized lead generation campaigns via white paper generated 2466 leads and brought us 950,400 EUR in 10 months. We achieved 6x more leads with the same advertising budget (221,479.62 EUR) compared to previous results. The cost per lead decreased by 527% from 558.17 EUR (previous similar campaigns) to only 89 EUR.
Screenshot of cost per lead decrease for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2020.
The screenshot demonstrates an average cost per lead of 89 EUR
  • We also helped Dirk Kreuter ‍increase customer lifetime value by 409,08% in 2021 (1,617.02 EUR) compared to 2020 (317,19 EUR).
Screenshot of customer lifetime value growth for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
The screenshot reflects an increase of CLV by 409,80% in 2021
  • We planned and launched revenue-generating cross-channel advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Youtube and achieved the following:

- 169,383,022 Impressions across all platforms

- Google Search and Youtube campaigns: 5,97M Views; 69,3M Impressions; 7033 Conversions; 467K Adspend

Google and Youtube advertising results for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
Screenshot dated as 28.12.2020 - 27.12.2021 demonstrates acquired results from Google Search and Youtube Campaigns. Views: 5,97M; Impressions: 69,3M; Conversions: 7033; Cost: 467K EUR

- Passed 100,000 subscribers on Youtube

Youtube Creator Award (Silver) for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
Youtube Creator Award (Silver)

- Facebook: 105,595,381 Impressions; 13,958,943 People Reached; 2,371,437.96 EUR Adspend

Screenshot of Facebook advertising results for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
The screenshot summarizes the results acquired from the main Facebook accounts. Reach: 13,958,943 People; Impressions: 105,595,381; Amount Spent: 2,371,437.96 EUR
  • We conducted 23 Master of Sales Live-Webinars. We modeled and created the brand new DSVL Live-Webinar with a funnel and high-converting campaigns. Additionally, we held 4 of those DSVL Live-Webinars.

Here are the results we achieved from one of the product launch campaigns:

‍141K EUR Adspend in one week; 1,76M Views; 3,09M Interactions; 17,9M Impressions.

  • We increased webinar attendance to a show-up rate of 59,14% by following our proven processes.
Screenshot of one of the webinars for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2021.
Those are the results from one of the webinars conducted. The screenshot shows that 35,60% of site visitors signed up, and 59,14% of those visitors attended the webinar
  • We directed, edited, and produced multiple advertising trailers for campaigns on Facebook and Youtube.

Here is an example of one of our trailers:

Video Concept: The figures of the "Dirk-Effect" speak for themselves - which is why they are in the initial focus of this trailer. Dirk Kreuter lists the ingredients of his success: Using digital solutions for customer acquisition (such as Facebook ads) to gain maximum visibility. That’s how Dirk Kreuter himself has become "synonymous with his industry" within just a few years. The video encourages the viewers to arrange a free potential analysis with the Dirk Kreuter team.

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.