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Case study photo of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.

Dirk Kreuter 2019

  • Increased revenue from 3,1M EUR to 5,3M EUR
  • Increased total order volume by 171,7% 
  • 40,000 event ticket sales
  • 42,000 book sales

January 1, 2019

Dirk Kreuter 2019

  • We formulated and executed a strategic plan to achieve monthly and annual revenue goals through marketing activities. Following the outlined steps, we increased gross yearly revenue by 71% from 2018 to 2019, resulting in an increase from 3,1M EUR (2018) to 5,3M EUR (2019) in just 12 months.
Screenshot of annual revenue increase of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.
This is a combination of 2 screenshots from different platforms where we tracked the results. One of them demonstrates GAR achieved as 4,761,454.09 EUR, while the other shows GAR of 507,529.36 EUR. In total, it gives us 5,268,983.45 EUR of GAR for 2019.

We used a variety of marketing channels and tactics to achieve such an outstanding result:  

- Created, managed, and constantly optimized landing pages to sell products online  

- Created and ran highly-targeted email campaigns to reach potential buyers and drive sales

- Leveraged content marketing (media, products, copy, and webinars creation) to engage the target audience at every step of

  their customer journey and make them take action

- Generated highly-qualified leads and sales with paid advertising (Google, Youtube, Facebook)

- Built and optimized powerful marketing funnels to increase conversions and ROI

  • We increased total order volume by 171,7% in 2019 (50,074 products sold) compared to 2018 (18,430 products sold) by attracting and converting new customers, retargeting existing customers, and winning them back utilizing cross-selling and upselling techniques.
Screenshot of order volume growth of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019. 
The screenshot demonstrates an order volume increase by 171,70% in 2019

We created and launched impactful high-converting cross-channel advertising campaigns:

  • "Vertriebsoffensive" ticket sale campaign was a drastic success. As a result, we generated 200K EUR in gross revenue during the first day of the campaign. We beat any prior control and sold 15,000 tickets within the first seven days, which brought us 1,1M EUR in gross revenue in just one week. By the end of the campaign, we had sold 40,000 event tickets entirely online.
Screenshot of gross revenue generated from “Vertriebsoffensive” ticket sale campaign for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.
The graph dated 30.09-06.10.2019 demonstrates the acquired gross revenue of 1,080,853.33 EUR, which we generated just in 7 days
Screenshot of a single Youtube ad example from the "Vertriebsoffensive" event launch campaign for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.

This is a single ad example from the  "Vertriebsoffensive" event launch campaign. 3,858 Reactions, 845 Comments, 652 Shares, 1M views

To facilitate those results, we created multiple advertising trailers, which we successfully incorporated into the campaign. Here is an example of two videos we produced. We generated excellent ideas, wrote high-converting scripts, created effective storyboards, and cut the videos for smooth transactions.  

Video Concept: In this video, we use a direct approach to call out our target audience and prompt them to take action before the massive sale ends. We do this by listing their most common and desired goals in the form of benefits they can get at the "Vertriebsoffensive" event. For example, Dirk Kreuter mentions that attendees will:

- Get practical and directly applicable knowledge that can be applied immediately

- Be able to convenience potential buyers and win new customers easily

- Increase their turnover and gain all the required sales skills

To back up the promises and gain prospect trust, we included video clips from previously conducted similar events, containing content that resonated with our target audience. Also, we added existing customer testimonials and their impressions from those events.

Video Concept: Here, we use an indirect motivational approach to stimulate prospective customers to take action and attend the "Vertriebsoffensive" event. We first show them what success and excellence are - a vision, legacy, motivation. Then we highlight what it takes to get there - practice, determination, commitment, and constant self-development. We inspire them to start their journey towards a better life and use every opportunity and chance to get there. Unconsciously we help prospective buyers realize that the "Vertriebsoffensive" event is that given opportunity to learn, innovate and become more successful.  

  • We planned and executed another profitable campaign and generated 42,000 sales of the book “Entscheidung: Erfolg”. Here is an example of one of the advertising videos we produced and leveraged in this specific campaign. We created an impactful idea, wrote a powerful script, mapped out a highly-detailed storyboard, and cut the video for smooth transactions.

Video Concept: This is another example of an indirect motivational approach used to inspire our target audience to grow and innovate despite all the challenges and purchase the book “Entscheidung: Erfolg”. We smoothly lead them to the idea that in the book, they will find all knowledge, tactics, and concepts needed to gain strong expertise in sales and build a financially free life. We show what it takes to get there. We also help imagine what it looks like when one is already there. We do this by listing and visualizing all the benefits which highly resonate with our customers. 

Screenshot of a single Youtube ad example from the Entscheidung: Erfolg” book launch campaign.
This is a screenshot from a single ad example from the “Entscheidung: Erfolg” book launch campaign. 18,485 Reactions; 6,101 Comments;  5,753 Shares; 3,9M Views
  • We put a great focus on Facebook Advertising to generate qualified leads. Those are some of the results we acquired through Facebook:

           250,000,000 Impressions; 9,000,000 Reach; 1,150,000 EUR Adspend

          Here is a single ad example where Dirk Kreuter calls out his target audience to attend a webinar training:

Screenshot of a single Facebook ad example from a webinar training campaign for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.

This is a screenshot of a single ad example from a webinar training campaign. 1,113 Reactions; 229 Comments; 104 Shares;  313,046 Views

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.