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Case study photo of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2018.

Dirk Kreuter 2018

  • Increased annual revenue from 2,8M to 3,1M   
  • 40,000 events ticket sales (1M EUR in revenue) 
  • 100,000 sales of the book “Entscheidung Erfolg”
  • Broke the Guinness World Record “Largest Sales Lesson” worldwide

January 1, 2018

Results Achieved

  • Through thoroughly planned marketing activities, we helped Dirk Kreuter increase gross annual revenue from 2,8M EUR (2017) to 3,1M EUR (2018).  
Screenshot of annual revenue growth of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2018.
This is a combination of 2 screenshots from different platforms where we tracked the results. One of them demonstrates GAR achieved as 1,836,590.71 EUR, while the other shows GAR of 1,202,131.63 EUR. In total, it gives us 3,065,722.34 EUR of GAR for the year 2018

We formulated and executed powerful marketing strategies and used the following tactics to achieve our goals and objectives:

- Mapped out and launched viral campaigns to generate sales and qualified leads (Facebook, Google, Youtube)

- Built deep connections with customers by providing personalized value content (webinars, media, and copy creation)

- Targeted, retargeted, and reached customers through email marketing to drive sales

  • We planned and launched a profitable "Vertriebsoffensive" ticket sale campaign. We sold 40,000 tickets entirely online and generated over 1M EUR in gross revenue.

We produced a powerful campaign-specific sales video to facilitate those results, wrote a highly-targeted script, created a detailed storyboard, and cut the video for smooth transactions. 

Video Concept: In this video clip, we call our potential buyers directly to take action, make a purchase and attend the "Vertriebsoffensive" event. Besides a powerful motivational speech that highly resonates with our target audience, we also demonstrate the fragments from the same event conducted in 2017. We do this to showcase that more than 22,000 participants already made the first step, participated in the event, gained knowledge, and achieved their goals. We also leverage their feedback and comments to gain our prospects’ trust and show that the event has lots of valuable content.

  • In June 2018, we earned the Guinness World Record “Largest Sales Lesson” for the event “Die Weltmeisteroffensive” by selling out the stadium with over 15,000 visitors.
  • We formulated and executed another profitable cross-channel campaign and generated 100,000 sales of the book “Entscheidung: Erfolg”.
Screenshot of a single Facebook ad example from the book launch campaign for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2019.
This is a screenshot from a single ad example from the “Entscheidung: Erfolg” book launch campaign. 1,983,764 Reach; 3,4M Views; 6,637 Reactions; 1,173 Shares; 1,111 Comments

  • We leveraged the art and science of Facebook Advertising to break sales records and attract highly-qualified leads. Those are some of the results we acquired through Facebook: 

              72M Impressions; 8,2M Reach; 540K EUR Adspend

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.