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Case study photo of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2017.

Dirk Kreuter 2017

  • Increased revenue from 1,3M EUR to 2,8M EUR 
  • 20,000 event ticket sales 
  • Facebook: Impressions 120M; Reach 10,6M; Adspend 689K EUR

January 1, 2017

Dirk Kreuter 2017

  • We planned and executed profitable marketing strategies and tactics to achieve monthly and annual revenue goals. We helped Dirk Kreuter increase yearly gross revenue by 115% from 2016 to 2017. There was an increase from 1,3M EUR (2016) to 2,8M EUR (2017) in just 12 months.
Screenshot of annual revenue growth of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2017.
The screenshot demonstrates GAR of 2,820,405.31M EUR achieved during the year 2017
  • We planned and ran a successful "Vertriebsoffensive" event launch campaign, which sold 20,000 tickets solely online.
  • We leveraged Facebook Advertising to drive sales and generate highly-qualified leads. Here is the summary of the results we achieved through Facebook:

           Impressions 120M; Reach 10,6M; Adspend 689K EUR

  • We created multiple advertising and sales trailers. Here is an example of one of our videos for the “Zielsystem Journal” sale campaign. We generated an idea, wrote a script that resonated with our target audience, and made an effective storyboard.

Video Concept: In this motivational video, Dirk Kreuter encourages our target audience not to give up when facing challenges or step back when things do not work the way they should. He insists on learning, trying, and developing despite all the difficulties. Here we use a storytelling format - Dirk tells his own story and sets his example of achieving success. As a result, he indirectly drives people to take action.

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.