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Case study photo of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2016.

Dirk Kreuter 2016

  • Increased revenue from 0 to 1,3M EUR 
  • 10,000 event ticket sales
  • 40,000 book sales
  • 4 educational product launches (300K EUR revenue)

January 1, 2016

Results Achieved

  • We formulated and executed impactful marketing strategies to achieve monthly and annual revenue goals. We helped Dirk Kreuter increase gross yearly revenue from 0 to 1,3M EUR in 12 months.
Screenshot of annual revenue growth of our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2016.
The screenshot demonstrates GAR of 1,294,982.65M EUR achieved during the year 2016

In 2016, we concentrated on the following tactics to achieve our goals and objectives:

- Mapped out and ran world-class campaigns to increase brand awareness, market penetration, and sales  

- Launched a variety of top-selling educational products which highly resonated with our target audience

- Built and optimized powerful marketing funnels to increase conversions and ROI

- Created and ran a successful SEO campaign to increase the website traffic and visibility

  • We planned and launched an event sale campaign which sold 10,000 tickets and generated 830,000 EUR in just 72 hours for the live event “Vertriebsoffensive”.

           Here are the results we achieved with pay-per-click advertising in Facebook in one week since we had launched

           the campaign:

           Reach: 1,831,038; Impressions: 8,752,774; Adspend (7days): 37,198.80 EUR

Screenshot from one of Facebook ad accounts with the results achieved for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2016.
The screenshot from one of our Facebook Ad Accounts shows the results achieved in 7 days for the “Vertriebsoffensive” event sale campaign. Adspend: 37,198.80 EUR; Reach: 1,831,038; Frequency: 4,78; Cost per 1,000 People Reach: 33,54 EUR; Impressions: 8,752,774; CPM: 7,02 EUR
Screenshot of  a single ad example from the “Vertriebsoffensive” event sale campaign for our customer Dirk Kreuter, year 2016.
This is a screenshot of  a single ad example from the “Vertriebsoffensive” event sale campaign. 2,110,950 Reach; 1,061,290 Video Views; 3,740 Reactions, Comments and Shares
  • We wireframed and architectured profitable product launch funnels and ran high-converting campaigns. One launch for four educational digital products generated total revenue of 300,000 EUR.
  • We also created and published a best-selling book in just five weeks which sold 40,000 copies in just four weeks.

            We co-produced a video to facilitate those outstanding results and successfully used it in the book launch campaign.

            We generated an idea, wrote a script, and made a storyboard.

Video Concept: In the video, we use the principle of storytelling marketing. Dirk Kreuter reveals his difficult path before becoming a successful sales coach. It took him 49 years of hard work to get to where he is now. By setting his example, Dirk inspires the viewers to take action. 

  • One of our main goals for the year 2016 was to increase brand awareness and market share. We scripted and developed viral video branding campaigns with a total reach of 20,000,000 million impressions and more than 4 million video views in Germany within the last quarter of 2016 and more than half a million page views in Q4.
  • We effectively optimized the existing website for SEO and increased the site's likes completely organically by more than 17,500 likes.

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.