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Case study photo of our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2022.

Baulig Consulting 2022

  • Increased net revenue by 20% in 2022 compared to 2021
  • Created and managed Facebook, Google, and Youtube campaigns
  • Released seven reports and launched two books
  • Launched three new online courses

January 1, 2022

Results Achieved

  • We implemented powerful creative marketing tactics, which resulted in Baulig Consulting's annual net revenue increasing by 20% in 2022 compared to 2021. These strategies successfully expanded their market share, recognition, and revenue.
A graph showing the monthly net revenue growth of 20% for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
The graph demonstrates monthly net revenue growth in 2022 compared to 2021, with an overall increase of 20%.
  • We launched and executed Facebook campaigns to achieve record-breaking sales and obtain highly-qualified leads. Here are some of our accomplishments:

           Adspend: 2,638,967.78 EUR

           Reach: 11,613,950

           Impressions: 131,449,381

An image showing the main Facebook Ads Account performance overview for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
The screenshot from the main Facebook accounts demonstrates the results achieved with Facebook Advertising. Reach: 11,613,950; Impressions: 131,449,381; Adspend: 2,638,967.78 EUR

Those are single ad examples from Facebook campaigns:

An image of an example Facebook Ad for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
This is a single ad example from one of the Facebook campaigns. Comments: 611; Shares: 259
An image of an example Facebook Ad for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
This is a single ad example from one of the Facebook campaigns. Comments: 401; Shares: 92
An image of an example Facebook Ad for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
This is a single ad example from one of the Facebook campaigns. Comments: 220; Shares: 145
  • We reached and re-engaged potential customers on Google and Youtube. These are some of the outcomes:

            Views: 5,1M

            Impressions: 146M

            Conversions: 19,5K

            Total Adspend: 910K EUR

An image showing the Google Ads account performance overview for search and Youtube campaigns for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
Screenshot dated 27.12.2021 - 26.12.2022 demonstrates acquired results from Google Search and Youtube Campaigns. Views: 5,1M; Impressions: 146M; Conversions: 19,5K; Cost: 910K EUR
  • We created seven reports with valuable information, tackling the target audience's challenges and providing solutions. We acquired 14,892 downloads in total. They contributed significantly to the 20% increase in sales.
An image of 7 books published by Baulig Consulting in 2022.
  • We launched two high-value books: "Preis-Strategien für Agenturen" and “Mindset: Millionär.”. The former generated 6,637 sales, while the latter saw a remarkable 5,000 sold within the first 48 hours. In total, we sold 15,138 books.

           To promote these books, we create viral campaigns for pre-launch and launch:

Video Concept: This campaign was created for the pre-launch where we held a contest where you could win a Rolex. This funny video went viral and was created to generate awareness.

Video Concept: We developed the idea, chose the location for this campaign, organized it with the film team, wrote the script, directed it and did the post-production. The goal of this campaign was to create awareness with a funny video, but also to include the book and create awareness for it.

Video Concept: Part of the book launch was also a viral influencer campaign with Jeremy Fragrance. Here we organized everything and developed ideas for the campaign. Jeremy Fragrance was the perfect cast for the book launch because he was very viral on TikTok at the time, especially among young people, who were our perfect target audience.

  • We launched two new online courses. As an outcome, we generated over 3,515 sales.
An image of 2 products launched by Baulig Consulting in 2022.
  • We conducted one insightful value-packed webinar. Below are the results we achieved:

            14,041 visitors

            4,058 registrants

            2,083 live attendees

           Revenue generated: 1.291.300 € (Directly from the Webinar 191.800 €)

An image showing opt-in and show-up rates for a webinar for Baulig Consulting in 2022.
  • We developed an automated email marketing workflow for each segment of the customer journey. Each email was carefully tailored to the individual customer, using personalization and segmentation to maximize relevance. We were able to generate over 1.029.400 EUR in sales through email marketing.
  • We worked on a variety of interesting and creative influencer campaigns as well as an array of eye-catching promotional videos.

Video Concept: We conceived the concept, wrote the screenplay, and instructed the film crew. This campaign brought to light the fact that Baulig Consulting has many agencies as clients, and it was a tremendous success.

Video Concept: For this video we developed the idea and wrote the script. The goal of this video was to educate potential clients that when they book a free consultation with Baulig Consulting, they will receive an in-depth analysis for their business, with precise action steps they can follow - all for free.

Video Concept: With this video, we created an emotional trailer for the Baulig YT channel, which we also promoted on Facebook and Instagram. The goal was to create a touching video that customers could identify with and connect to the Baulig brand.

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.