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Case study photo of our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.

Baulig Consulting 2021

  • Increased net revenue by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020
  • Created and managed Facebook, Google, and Youtube campaigns
  • Released nine reports and generated highly-qualified leads
  • Produced numerous promotional videos

January 1, 2021

Results Achieved

  • We developed and executed powerful marketing strategies to increase market penetration, brand awareness, and profits. As a result, we helped Baulig Consulting increase annual net revenue by 13% in 2021 compared to 2020.
Screenshot of annual net revenue growth for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
The graph demonstrates monthly net revenue growth in 2021 compared to 2020, with an overall increase of 13%

We used a variety of marketing channels and tactics to achieve such result: 

- Drove sales and generated highly qualified leads through cross-channel advertising (Facebook, Google, Youtube)

- Produced multiple video trailers, which we successfully used in viral campaigns

- Published nine (9) reports offered free of charge to generate highly-qualified leads

  • We have created high-converting Facebook campaigns to break sales records and attract qualified leads. Here are some of the results we have achieved through Facebook ads:

            118,018,994 Impressions; 11,900,479 Reach; 2,422,064 EUR Adspend

Screenshot of Facebook advertising results for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
The screenshot from the main Facebook accounts demonstrates the results achieved with Facebook Advertising. Reach: 11,900,479; Impressions: 118,018,994; Adspend: 2,422,064.17 EUR
  • We created profitable campaigns on Google and Youtube to target and retarget potential customers. These are some of the results we achieved:

            86,4M Impressions; 3,055 Discussions; 8,02M Views; 714K Euro Adspend

Results achieved with Google and Youtube advertising for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
Screenshot dated 28.12.2020 - 27.12.2021 demonstrates acquired results from Google Search and Youtube Campaigns. Views: 8,02M; Cost: 713,615 EUR; Discussions: 3,055; Impressions: 86,4M
  • We also produced multiple videos and used them for Facebook and Youtube advertising. We came up with ideas and created captivating storyboards.

Video Concept: The documentary, which is over an hour long, provides exciting insights into the private and business lives of Andreas and Markus Baulig. The look behind the scenes is intimate and thrilling and thus inspires confidence. Furthermore, the documentary shows the motivation of the Baulig brothers and the rewards and challenges of being a successful entrepreneur. In this way, the documentary motivates prospective entrepreneurs to take the decisive step themselves - and become a Baulig customer!

Video Concept: Together with his brother Markus, Andreas Baulig is the figurehead of Baulig Consulting. That's why we initiated the shooting of this high-quality promotional video. The goal is to demonstrate the expertise of Andreas Baulig and attract more potential customers. To achieve this, we have developed the idea and the storyboard. The reception of the video has been overwhelmingly successful.

Video Concept: This two-minute promotional video addresses those who dream of becoming a coach or expert but never take action. Andreas Baulig talks about his beginning as a coach and entrepreneur. He explains how important it is to have a mentor who shows the way and knows what one must do to succeed. The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Video Concept: A healthy and positive environment is crucial. Entrepreneurs and self-employed people might often encounter unjustified criticism, lack of support and understanding, and even ridicule from their peers. At some point, it might negatively impact their motivation and desire for professional growth. This two-minute commercial reveals the importance of being understood and supported. The video speaks to the vast majority of Baulig Consulting's target audience and invites them to join the community of entrepreneurs with the right mindset.

  • We have written and published nine (9) reports with an average of 26 pages. The reports are offered as a free download on andreasbaulig.de. On top of that, we created and executed a targeted email campaign for the contacts acquired through those reports. Through this strategy, we were able to gain over 10,000 highly qualified leads in 2021. They contributed significantly to the 13% increase in sales.
Lead-generation reports for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
Leads generated for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
The screenshot shows the total of over 10,000 leads gained through the reports
  • We redesigned the andreasbaulig.de website from scratch. The new website has a 6.9% higher conversion rate than the old website and has contributed to a more efficient customer acquisition process and increased annual sales.
Website conversion rate increase for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2021.
The screenshot demonstrates a 6,9% higher conversion rate of a new website in comparison with the old one

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.