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Case study photo of our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2019.

Baulig Consulting 2019

  • Increased revenue by 51% in 2019 compared to 2018 
  • Created and produced multiple advertising trailers
  • Managed paid advertising in Google and Youtube

January 1, 2019

Results Achieved

  • We planned and executed marketing strategies to achieve monthly and annual revenue goals. As a result, we were able to help Baulig Consulting to increase annual net revenue by 51% in 2019 compared to 2018.
Screenshot of annual revenue growth of our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2019.
The graph demonstrates monthly net revenue growth in 2019 compared to 2018, with an overall increase of 51%

We focused on the following tactics to achieve our goals and objectives: 

  • We created and launched highly successful Facebook campaigns to break sales records and attract qualified leads. Here are some of the results we acquired through Facebook:

            33.087.074 Impressions; 4,762,000 Reach; 273.256,20 EUR Adspend

  • We produced profitable campaigns in Google and Youtube to engage, target, and retarget potential customers. Those are some of the results we achieved:

             71.3M Impressions; 89.44 EUR Cost/conversion; 787K Clicks, 6.29M Views

Results achieved with Google and Youtube advertising for our customer Baulig Consulting, year 2019.
The screenshot demonstrates acquired results from Google Search and Youtube
  • We also produced multiple videos and used them in viral Facebook and Youtube Ads. We generated the idea and created an impactful storyboard.

Video Concept: This is an educational video on how to land new customers and sell high-ticket products. By revealing the concept and a simplified process, Baulig Consultancy demonstrates its expertise. As a result, they stimulate the target audience to take action and book a call to find out more.

Video Concept: In this PR video, Markus Baulig highlights the organization’s primary objective: to educate customers and help them succeed. He mentions that their goals are far beyond just making money, which is a compelling statement. Markus sets the tone, communicates their mission and vision. He completes the brand and gains people’s trust.

Video Concept: In this PR video, Andreas Baulig helps visualize how consulting business looks like for their organization and how the whole process works for their customers. Andreas compares consulting to the craft, where the main tools are understanding, communication, and creativity. They architectured a simple yet effective process of digitizing the sales process and are willing to share it with their customers. They first learn about their client’s business to choose the best suitable offer. Then they set a price and provide training on how to win customers digitally.

Video Concept: This is a documentary-style video about the fascinating story of Arben Veyseli. Arben is a business partner of Andreas and Markus. The purpose of the video is to inspire and motivate the target audience by showing that everything is possible when one has the right mentality, dedication, and determination. Arben came to Germany at the age of 7 as a war refugee, yet it didn’t define his life. He managed to become a successful entrepreneur making millions in revenue.

These results are for Marketing.MBA only and do not represent the overall economic success of the client.