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Philipp Plein 2018

Philipp Plein 2018

  • Launch of Milan Fashion Week
  • Launch of LED Shoe
  • Launch of Black Friday Campaign
  • Sales volume of 8M EUR in 6 days

January 1, 2018

Results Achieved

  • We formulated and executed a strategic plan on how to incorporate Facebook advertising into the sales ecosystem. We also trained the marketing team on how to create, launch and manage profitable Facebook campaigns.

We planned and ran impactful high-converting cross-channel advertising campaigns:

- Creative and executive planning

- Management of paid channels (Facebook Ads  +  Google Ads)

  • We created and directed a world-class campaign for the Milan Fashion Week launch (a prestigious and famous clothing trade show) on digital channels with paid advertising. We were able to achieve unmatched results in comparison with previously conducted relevant events.
  • We planned and executed another successful campaign dedicated to the LED Shoe launch.
This is a single ad example from the LED Shoe launch campaign.
Reactions: 523; Comments: 17; Shares: 26
  • We had the honor to plan and launch an extremely profitable Black Friday campaign:

    We generated a total sales volume of 8 Million Euros in just six days with prospecting and retargeting campaigns. We attributed 2,5 Million EUR directly to smart retargeting campaigns with highly cost-effective budgeting of 65,000 EUR.

Black Friday Summary:
  • Circa 64% of the campaign budget was spent
  • 140K clicks were generated to the website
  • Average CPM of 4,99 EUR
  • We generated 3990 purchases with an average order value of ca. 644 EUR. As a result, we collected 2,569,560 Million EUR in revenue.
  • Total ROAS 3960%
The screenshot demonstrates the summary of the results achieved from the Black Friday campaign. Impressions: 13,029,698; CPM: 4,99 EUR; Adspend: 65,068.90 EUR; Direct Link Clicks: 140,464; Clicks (All): 210,633; Conversions: 3,990; ROI: 561,200% 
This screenshot demonstrates some of the results achieved with retargeting campaigns. 35,402.97 EUR Adspend; 6,222,090 Impressions; 69,977 Inline Link Clicks; 8,331 Add To Cart; 2,242 Purchase; 228,611.53 EUR Revenue 

This is a single ad example from the Black Friday launch campaign.
Reach: 416,833; Interactions: 21,510;  Reactions: 1,169; Comments: 43; Shares: 76; Views: 246,711
  • While running Facebook campaigns, we identified and fixed the previously existing technical problems. Also, we segmented and created new audiences (converting customers) based on the existing customers to increase sales opportunities.
The screenshot demonstrates lookalike audience segmentation and expansion
The screenshot shows some of the results from the main Facebook account (17.09 - 14.11.2018).
Reach: 2.275.293; Impressions: 11.823.030;  Adspend: 25.652,70 EUR; ROAS: 137.742,56 EUR
The screenshot shows the results from some of the Facebook campaigns.  
Adspend: 27.067,71; Purchases: 186;  ROAS: 5,06%; Conversions: 136.874,68 EUR