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Christian Bischoff 2018

Christian Bischoff 2018

  • 6,500 event ticket sales
  • New Book Launch: sold the first edition of 25,000 pieces completely within 69 hours (spend 65K EUR - return net 220K EUR)
  • Movie Production: wrote a script and produced a movie
  • Managed paid advertising

January 1, 2018

Results Achieved

  • We architectured, wireframed, and executed profitable marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. As a result, we were able to sell 6,500 tickets for one of the events organized and conducted by Christian Bischoff.
  • We created and planned a new product concept. Also, we modeled and built profitable product launch funnels to automate nurturing of prospects, counter objections and create hype about our products and services. Thus, when we launched a new book called “Unaufhaltbar”, we managed to sell the first edition of 25,000 pieces entirely within 69 hours with paid advertising (spend 65K EUR - return net 220K EUR). We also organized logistics for the book.
The graph demonstrates the total amount spent vs. total purchase revenue net breakdown. In November, we spent 65,003.77 EUR on a book launch campaign, and we generated 220,748.38 EUR of net purchase revenue. As for 2018, we spent 177,505.29 EUR in total for marketing activities, and we received 651,734.22 EUR of net purchase revenue.
The screenshot, dated November 1-24, showcases some of the results generated with a book launch campaign.
Visitors: 150,436; Actions: 343,854; Average actions: 2,3; Total time: 262d; Average time per visit: 02:06; Bounce rate: 36%; Revenue at that time: 148,429 EUR. It shows that we acquired the biggest number of visitors (32,354) on the campaign launch date - November 06, 2018.  Also the screenshot shows the amount of link clicks generated: 49,526 from Facebook; 7,904 from Instagram;  2,517 from PayPal;  2,467 from Youtube.
This screenshot demonstrates a conversion rate of 16,38%, with 157,871 EUR in revenue at that time generated from a book launch campaign
  • We built and managed high-converting landing pages to sell products online. We constantly analyzed and optimized landing pages for conversions to increase sales and ROI.
This is an example of a high-converting landing page created for a Book Launch campaign.
  • We produced a motivational movie and used it in marketing campaigns. We generated the idea, wrote a powerful script, and created an impactful storyboard.

Video Concept: Christian Bischoff motivates his target audience by eliminating the idea of failure. He highlights that the power of unstoppable people is that they either win or learn but never fail. In other words, unstoppable people never give up while facing challenges. They keep winning or learning until they achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. He emphasizes that everyone can learn how to become unstoppable, and his book contains this knowledge. He calls his target audience to order the book “Unaufhaltbar”.

  • We created and ran highly-targeted email campaigns to reach target audience and drive sales.
  • We leveraged Facebook advertising to increase conversions and generate highly-qualified leads. Here are some of the results we acquired in Facebook:

           23.467.090 Impressions, 4.629.815 Reach, 202.534,41 EUR Adspend