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Christian Bischoff 2017

Christian Bischoff 2017

  • Total net revenue achieved: 1,9M EUR
  • 9,000 event ticket sales, 71,79% conversion rate, revenue 46,846 EUR
  • Digital Product Launch:  70K EUR Adspend, 145K EUR revenue, 3000 sales  
  • Managed paid advertising

January 1, 2017

Results Achieved

  • We created and executed a strategic marketing plan to achieve monthly and annual revenue goals through marketing activities. We spent 689K EUR and generated 1,9M EUR of net purchase revenue in return following the outlined steps.
The graph demonstrates the total amount spent vs. total purchase net revenue breakdown. As for 2017, we spent 689,315.28 EUR in total, and we received 1,968,582.18 EUR of net purchase revenue.
  • We built powerful marketing funnels and created profitable cross-channel event launch campaigns:

- We sold 9,000 events tickets solely online with a 71,79% conversion rate with one of the campaigns.

- Another successful campaign brought us 3102 ticket sales. We spent 43K EUR and generated 205K EUR of net revenue in return.

In 2017, we developed and launched two top-selling digital products. In addition to that, we created and managed pay-per-click advertising for maximum outcomes:

  • “11 Motivational Steps” is one of the products we created, which brought us 3000 sales. We spent 70K EUR on paid advertising and generated 145K EUR of net revenue.
This is a single ad example from the “11 Motivational Steps” product launch campaign.
1,210 Reactions, 64 Comments, 316 Shares, 99,457 Views
  • We also developed a course called “Financial Intelligence”, which generated outstanding results. To promote the product, we created and conducted a  webinar with 12000 registrants. We generated 800K EUR in revenue during the launch period and over 1M EUR in total revenue.
“Financial Intelligence” Course Overview
This screenshot dated Sep 27-Nov 8 demonstrates the results achieved during the first two weeks of the ”Financial Intelligence” course launch. 622 Sales; 0.95% Conversion rate; 620,134 USD Revenue
  • We focused on Facebook advertising to increase conversions and generate highly-qualified leads. Here are some of the results we acquired in Facebook:

            23.111.604 Impressions, 3.283.663 Reach, 200.661,60 EUR Adspend

  • We created engaging email campaigns to reach, target, and retarget our leads and customers.
  • We repositioned the brand by changing the style of Christian Bischoff. It helped him better resonate with his target audience, generate increased customer flow and drive sales.

Here is an example of our creative process of defining and developing brand messaging. First, we generate innovative ideas and then put them into practice digitally.

Creative Process