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Christian Bischoff 2016

Christian Bischoff 2016

  • More than 6000 event ticket sales in 7 days, total sales volume of 330K EUR
  • Created and launched profitable campaigns
  • Managed digital ads on Facebook and Google (8,2% average conversion rate)

January 1, 2016

Results Achieved

  • We created and launched high-converting cross-channel advertising campaigns. As a result, we generated more than 6000 event ticket sales for the live event “Die Kunst, Dein Ding Zu Machen” in just seven days. We achieved a total sales volume of 330K EUR.
This is a single ad example from the “Die Kunst, Dein Ding Zu Machen” event launch campaign.
1,684 Reactions, 400 Shares, 403,822 Views

With our creative direction of the campaign (management of digital ads and technical set-up), we managed to achieve the following outstanding results:

  • 11.435.313 Impressions
  • 675.079 video views
  • 1.991.573 reach
  • 65,922 unique page visitors
  • 109,103 page visits
  • 5269 additional page likes on Facebook
  • 8,2% average conversion rate

The screenshot from one of our reporting dashboards dated Nov 23 -Dec 22, 2016, demonstrates the results achieved for the “Die Kunst, Dein Ding Zu Machen” event sale campaign at that time:

  • All Traffic
                60,962 visits; 7,643 conversions
  • Ad Traffic
                28, 242 visits; 5000 conversions
  • Organic Traffic
                30,202 visits; 1,872 conversions
  • Search Traffic
                2,518 visits, 771 conversions

In 2016, we made a significant focus on Facebook and Google advertising to increase sales and ROI. Here are some of the results we achieved with the Google campaign created for the ticket sale event:

Screenshot dated 09.12.2016-25.12.2016 demonstrates results generated with Google Ads.
1,009.00 EUR/Day Budget; 87,832 Impressions; 4,159 Clicks; 4,74% CTR; 0,64 EUR CPC; 2,642.82 EUR Cost; 426 Conversions; 6,2 EUR Cost/Conversion; 10,24% Conversion Rate; All Conv.Value/Cost 11,25; All Conv. 431,00; Cost/All Conv. 431,00; Value/Conv. 69,00; Value/All Conv. 29,394.00