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Baulig Consulting 2018

Baulig Consulting 2018

  • Increased revenue by 284% in 2018 compared to 2017 
  • Managed paid advertising in Facebook and Youtube
  • Produced multiple advertising trailers
  • Generated high quality leads

January 1, 2018

Results Achieved

  • We developed a strategic plan on how to achieve revenue goals through marketing campaigns. Following the defined steps, we increased gross annual revenue by 285% in 2018 compared to 2017.
The graph demonstrates monthly gross revenue growth in 2018 with an overall increase of 285% compared to 2017

In 2018, we concentrated on the following tactics to achieve our goals and objectives: 

  • Created and executed impactful Facebook Campaigns to drive sales and generate highly-qualified leads. Here are some of the results we achieved:

            15.477.308 Impressions; 2.194.121 Reach; 150.235.30 Adspend 

This is a single ad example from one of the Facebook campaigns.
Reactions: 1.256; Comments:95; Shares:38
  • Creative direction and production of multiple advertising trailers which were used for Facebook and Youtube campaigns. Generated highly-qualified leads.
This is another ad example from one of the Facebook campaigns.
Reactions: 666; Comment: 73; Shares: 33
  • We managed paid advertising on Youtube to increase brand awareness, grow sales and interact with the target audience.
  • We created high-converting landing pages to present products and offers just in front of the target audience. We constantly optimized landing pages for conversions for the best outcomes.
  • We included a video in the content marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. We directed and produced multiple advertising trailers, which we used for Facebook and Youtube campaigns.
  • We repositioned the brand by changing the style of Andreas Baulig. This small change resulted in a drastic sales increase. We advised them to change their company name from AB Online Marketing to Baulig Consulting and brand them as an entirely digitized Consultancy in Germany.